About me...


I was born in Milan in the far 1980...I degreed at Brera Art Academy in Milan and became a photograph restorer.

I had the big opportunity to work on the images of some important photographers (i.e. Edward Steichen, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Mario Cresci, Mario Giacomelli etc.), on famous collections (i.e. The Family of Man by E.Steichen) and with important archives (i.e.CNA of Luxembourg, ICCD of Rome, Pompei Archives, Braidense Library, Corsera Archives)

I've always loved my work and, most of all, photography itself. So I started to close to photo as a photographer too.

My passions are evrything concerning art (music and dance first) portraits and events!

Most important collaboration as photographer :
Metal.it and Metalhammer.it, Lob srl and Brand Portal srl, Corsair Italia, Iama Consulting srl, CND du Luxembourg.
Most important collaboration as restorer:
Centre National de l'Audiovisuel of Luxembourg; Studio Berselli, Milan; Fondazione Corriere della Sera, Milan; Photographic archives of Pompei; Braidense Library; ICCD of Rome.